Will, Power Of Attorney and Mandate of protection in Gatineau and in La Pêche

To protect your family and give yourself peace of mind, it is important to properly plan for the future. We can advise you with respect to drafting your will so that you will understand exactly how you wish to have your property and affairs handled. We will also assist you in drafting your mandate in anticipation of incapacity so that you can designate a mandatary to be responsible for your shares or a tutor to act on behalf of your children.

We offer the following services:

Family Mediation

Family mediation is a method of conflict resolution that focuses on collaboration and communication in order to reach an agreement on the custody of minor children, child support, property division and dissolution of a matrimonial regime. The notary, in his roles as public officer and representative of the seller and purchaser during a transaction, has the ability and skills to act as a mediator. It is through cooperation that the mediator notary reaches an agreement by working with respect and in the interest of the children. However, the notary mediator’s role is to provide all necessary legal information to both parties, and to let them express themselves and make an informed decision.

Notarized Will

By preparing a will, you ensure that, at the time of your death, your assets will be given to the individuals who you have designated and that your wishes will be respected. You are thinking about your loved ones by simplifying their live and protecting them after you are gone. Your notary at Nadeau et associées, notaires inc., understands your situation, and will help you to consider a variety of eventualities, to foresee various scenarios and to think about every aspect of your family situation and your specific legacy. Your notarized will is customized to your wishes. It is clear, comprehensive and concise. In addition, your will remains safe, because your notary will keep the original in his records. Your notarized will can be easily recovered at the time of your death, thanks to the registry of wills help by the Chambre des notaires du Québec. Your heirs will save time and money during the settling of your estate, because a notarized will does not have to be verified by the courts.

The Facts About De Facto Spouses: Do You Know Them?

The Civil Code of Québec does not grant any rights to de facto spouses. Therefore, in the event of a death, the balance in your personal accounts, any property held in your name, and in short, all of your assets, will not be inherited by your better half, even if you have lived together for many years. Instead, your assets will be divided among your legal heirs as determined by law. By preparing a will, you can avoid unpleasant surprises for your loved ones, and choose who will inherit your assets.

Parents of Minor Children

If you are the parent of minor children and you do not have a will, they will automatically inherit a portion of your assets upon your death. The Civil Code of Québec prescribes a strict protection of the inheritance of minors that regulates the administration of these assets and stipulates that certain administrative actions are subject to numerous formalities and procedures, including the sale of assets of a certain value. You can avoid countless complications by preparing a notarized will with the help of your notary at Nadeau et associées, notaires.

Mandate in Anticipation of Incapacity

When an individual loses decision-making autonomy due to severe loss of mental faculties caused by a vehicle accident or the progress of a degenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s, that individual is considered to be incapacitated within the meaning of the law. Are you prepared if you someday become incapacitated? Preparing a mandate in anticipation of incapacity allows you to decide who will become your mandatary, or the person who is designated to act in your interests, represent you and administer your assets and your legacy. You can also designate a tutor to take care of your children if necessary, as applicable. Your notary will advise you and ensure that you and your family will be protected in the event of your incapacity.

Solemnization of Marriage

As notaries, we are authorized by law to solemnize civil marriages anywhere in Québec. The church is not the only option for couples, and you have the right to be married in the location of your choosing. At Nadeau et associées, notaires, we are delighted to ensure that your civil marriage is conducted properly. You choose the location of the wedding, and your ceremony will be personalized in accordance with your specific needs.

We also carry out the settling of estates. Contact Nadeau et associées, notaires for more information.