Settling of Estates with Your Notary in Gatineau

The settling of an estate is a serious responsibility in many aspects. It requires a solid understanding of the law, along with the ability to handle requests from those who were close to the deceased with sensitivity. As notaries, we can provide you with invaluable assistance. At Nadeau et associées, notaires inc., we can either handle the settling of the estate entirely, or provide valuable advice to the liquidator.

Like the Chambre des notaires du Québec says in Why Consult a Notary When Settling an Estate? (French only), the procedures involved can be extremely complicated, and sometimes very expensive. A notary can be very helpful in the following areas:

  • Advising the liquidator
  • Ensuring that the liquidator does not incur liabilities
  • Ensuring that the heirs are not held personally responsible for the debts of the estate

If you are the liquidator (formerly called the executor of the estate) or one of the heirs, contact Nadeau et associées. We will ensure that you clearly understand your responsibilities and that all formalities are respected. Our advice can help you to avoid financial worries. Maintain your peace of mind, and contact us at Nadeau et associées, notaires in Gatineau.